Private 1 on 1 sessions are offered at our American Way facility.

Groups classes are offered at both our American Way facility & at our downtown partner site (Mutt Island Dog Daycare).

Our pack walks/ out and about excursions will resume in March. Please check back for locations!

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Obedience Training
Obedience Training

Good Dog Training isn't breed specific. Any breed of dog can be trained! The Allegiance Canine obedience program focuses on your dog's temperament, while also tapping into their drive levels, enabling them to perform at their highest level. No two dogs are alike, so we help you to determine best way to train your dog, so that he/she enjoys the work.

4 phases of obedience training:

  • learning

  • correction

  • distraction

  • maintenance 



1. Puppy Early Start/ Enhanced Basic Obedience

  • 8 week course combining etiquette & basic obedience

  • 12 weeks of age or older

  • 2 private 1-on-1 sessions & 6 group classes

  • $220 as a package



2. Basic Obedience Package

  • 6 week course

  • 1 private 1-on-1 session & 5 group classes

  • $160 as a package

  • SATURDAY at 12:00 p.m. &  TUESDAY at 6:30 p.m. at our American Way Facility

  • MONDAY at 6:00 p.m. (at Mutt Island Dog Daycare)


2. Advanced Obedience Package (must complete Basic Obedience)

  • 8 week course

  • $25 per group class

  • Discounts offered for complete package payment

  • SATURDAY at 2:00 p.m. & THURSDAY at 6:30 p.m. 



  • $60 per session at our facility

  • $75 per in-home session


4. "OUT AND ABOUT" Socialization & Pack Walks 

  • MONDAY at 6:00 p.m.

  • Meet-up Location: Mutt Island Dog Daycare & Grooming

Personal Protection
Personal Protection

With crime on a consistent rise, it's always comforting to have that extra level of security and peace of mind... Why not make your 4-legged family member your additional security system & threat deterrent?

The Allegiance Canine Working Dog group conditions your dog to watch for and identify unwanted and/or unexpected threats to you, your family, and your personal property. Your dog will be subject to mild, intermediate, and high levels of physical, as well as psychological pressure, ensuring that if the need arises, they will be able to protect, even under extreme scenarios.

PERSONAL PROTECTION IS NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL DOGS! We will assess you dog to determine if he/she is capable of confidently performing in the capacity of a working dog.


Working Dog Club (Personal Protection)

  • 10-20 week course

  • $25 per week

  • SATURDAY at 10 a.m. & WEDNESDAY at 6:30 p.m.


Board & Train Options
Board & Train Options

Our board & trains create a unique program for your family pet, that will capitalize on his/her areas of need, based on what's established in our initial 1-on-1 consultation. From there, upon choosing our 1 week, 2 week, or 4-5 week package, the guesswork and extensive time will be eliminated for you, while your 4-legged family member learns new commands in our home away from home setting. 

We understand hectic schedules and time constraints, and we also understand the need for a trained pet to achieve order, loving respect, and boundaries. With that being said, we will take your dog into our loving and structured environment, and teach him/her those factors that will best suite your family's needs.

Commands learned with the 2 week basic package:

Engagement (focus)
Heel (as a position)
Heel (walking)
Long Sit (stay)
Long Down (stay)
Recall (come)

Commands added with the 4-5 week advanced package:

*All commands from basic obedience transitioned off leash.
Walking Sit (sit in motion)
Walking Down (down in motion)
Food Refusal
Place Command

We have studied, learned, researched, & therefore implement various methods, due to the fact that like humans, all dogs are different, have varied personalities, & learn differently. We customize a game plan for each dog, taking the time to assess and determine how the dog learns best, which leads to the method we use. We take into account breed, drive level, age, lineage, & a plethora of other facets.

We'll train 4-5 times a day, including our group classes, & our public "out & about" sessions at various stores, parks, & malls.

The 2 week board & train includes two free private sessions & two basic obedience classes.

The 4-5 week board & train includes two free private sessions, two basic obedience classes, & two advanced classes.

Our bootcamp isn't a quick fix... It's consistent work, repetition, timing, love, and patience!


7 day starter package: $700

2 week basic obedience package: $1400

4-5 week basic & advanced obedience package*: $2500

(add $150 for our e-collar training option if we determine that such is applicable to your package)*
Behavioral Modification
Behavioral Modification

Our Behavioral Modification techniques build trust between you and your beloved family pet, while addressing issues stemming from unwanted aggression, lunging, jumping, timidity, fear, etc. It is my opinion that all dog behavior can be improved through simple, consistent measures, but in most cases, due to a lack of knowledge or lack of understanding, too many dogs are written off as an intolerable threat. We will work to create balance that yields happiness for you and your Barking Pal!


$60- $75 per session

  • number of sessions and price per session depends on the severity of your dog's scenario

Fit Canine Daycare
Fit Canine Daycare

Our Fit Canine Daycare consists of various activities throughout the day that stimulate your dog mentally & physically, enabling them to expend bottled up energy in constructive manners. We understand that a healthy dog is a happy dog, but we’re also aware that daily obligations may prohibit you from providing consistent outlets that address your dog’s need to be active. LET US DO THE WORK FOR YOU!

Activities include obedience training, agility, socialization, treadmill work, mini-excursions, and mentally challenging games.


Space is limited! Enroll today!


$30 per day

$250/ 10 days

$450/ 20 days