Quebet - Beginner Obedience

Early in 2013 about Feb sometime, we bought rescued a baby pit-bull from a meth addict. Got her shots and got her healthy. And being a grown man raised with a couple of pits as a child, I knew we’d have to have proper training. Let’s face it, they have bad reputations with media and physically do have the ability to do great harm even when just playing. We looked for a few days and got lucky and found Barking Pals. He actually came to us, to our house to teach the dog in its own environment. Back yard, around the block, in a field, in the living room…is all class room. All real-world, practical reasons and lessons in simple “Follow My Lead” style. He presents his facts and his whys, how’s, does, and don’ts politely. He presents his critiques and corrections with a non-judgmental, understanding and very caring manor. I believe he truly realizes that you must deal with people on an individual basis and the animal as well must be dealt with on an individual level. All animals are not the same and neither are humans and he forms his lessons according to that situation. He’s a brilliant young man and it is an honor to have learned from him and get to know him as our lessons progressed. Our pit is still less than a year old but has completed Jacque’s basic course and is by far better for it. I can assure you, if we had not found Jacque when we did, we’d probably have to have given our pit away. We needed the teachings he provided just as much as our dog did. Now we have the confidence and ability in knowing how to properly handle our massive 70+ lbs Blue Pit “Quebet”. Thank You Very Much – For your services and now friendship Jacque.

~Marshall and Bailey Joyner


Alvin - Beginner Obedience & Behavioral Modification

We brought home our Bouiver des Flanders  in January 2013. We gave up on crate training after two months of constant crying.  We were exhausted and finally allowed him to sleep with us. We kept hearing the stories of how dogs felt their crate was a safe haven but didn't believe it after our experience. At the four month point, we hired Jacque for private obedience lessons - we wanted to start our dog a little early due to his behavior issues. He quickly caught on to training due to Jacques leadership skills. We still had the issue of crate training so we asked for Jacques help. I can honestly say after one lesson the problems were solved. We were amazed! Now Alvin willingly enters his crate to simply hang out and nap. It obviously had something to do with the "outside influence". We are thrilled with Jacque and fully intend on hiring him for our next puppy!

~David & Cindy Stoner

Alvin x2

Ruger - Beginner Obedience, Advanced Obedience & Personal Protection

Jacque has worked with Ruger from a puppy, through his obedience and protection training process. He is innovative in his approaches, dependable, patient, persistent, and professional. He definitely knows what he is doing, and brings out the best in Ruger. I'd highly recommend Jacque to anyone!

~John P.


Izzy - Beginner Obedience, Advanced Obedience & Socialization

Jacque is a wonderful trainer, with true passion for the health and emotional health of the animals we love. I'm so fortunate to have him with Izzy and myself throughout this training process! I am so appreciative of the time and thought that he puts into helping me with everything from crate & potty training, to on /off leash obedience, and even socialization at the dog park. Izzy has picked up what he's taught us so quickly and I don't think I could've undergone this process successfully without him.

~Teri Foster


Sadie & Her Pups

I can't thank Jacque enough for his assistance with helping me to place my 10 German Shepherd puppies! From week one, until they were ready to be placed in their new homes, he was there. He made sure that they were properly wormed, up to date on their shots, and receiving proper supplemental nutrition. He even assisted with the mother of the puppies, making sure that she was in good health and able to sustain such a large litter, especially with her being a first time mom. My wife had an unexpected health issue that I had to attend to, so Jacque willingly facilitated the interview process and the sell of the puppies, if the potential client met the appropriate criteria. Even now, months later, he has still had a hands on role with 5 of the 10 puppies, as their trainer. Throughout this process, Jacque has shown his true love for dogs and I appreciate that I got to experience it first hand!

-David H.

picture (1)

Shadow - Beginner/Advanced Obedience, Socialization & Behavioral Modification

We have a German Shepherd named Shadow (8 months old):
I contacted Jacque at the beginning of June. Shadow was 7 months old. We had several big challenges ahead.
1. We were moving out of state the first of July and Shadow would need to become an outside dog for a while due to living arrangements, he had never been outside longer than to use the bathroom or play.
2. We did not social him as we should have so taking shadow anywhere or around any new people was completely impossible. Car rides would result in constant barking. He would bark at anything and everything which would have to stop in our new house.
3. I needed help with basic obedience training.
4. We wanted this as a service dog for our son, but knew that couldn't happen without dome help.
So when I first spoke to Jacque and explained all I needed my dog to learn along with by the way we only have 1 month to do it, he jumped at the challenge. Jacque was very flexible with schedules, consistent, and very professional. We also needed our dog trained well enough to go places as he will become a service dog for my 11 year old son. Which my son thought Jacque was the coolest from Day 1. So the next two weeks we worked hard on basic training. Followed by a 12 day boot camp where he stayed at a board and train with Jacque.
We are so impressed with the progress Shadow made through this course. We have now been in our new house for one week, where he has been completely outside, other than a little barking at "NEW" things (ex: garbage truck, new neighbors, etc) which are all things he had never encounter before. He is doing great. Sometimes he gets excited and it still takes a little correcting for the barking but, a lot of times he will figure out that there is no threat and will stop on his own. He behavior is great. So much so that my mother and I hate to say but she is NOT a dog person, will taken him on a walk and said he did great. So with that being said, Thank you Jacque for everything. You are a great and talented trainer. I know without your help this transition would have been miserable and almost impossible. Side note: Shadow made the 14 hour car ride, without barking in the car or at any if the stops. He even let a few people come up with permission of course and pet him.

~Maegan H.


Bernie - Beginner Obedience & Behavioral Modification

There are not enough words to describe Jacque's ability to read and understand what training a dog needs. He was super patient but persistent with our little hard-headed rescue puppy. Our dog is now very well behaved and even takes orders from our 4-year-old. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a professional training experience with someone who truly loves dogs!

~Alisha G.


Samson - Puppy Location & Purchase, Beginner Obedience & Behavioral Modification

We have two young boys who have begged for a dog for years. We were hesitant because of our past experience with untrained, large dogs. We decided on a breed and through some referrals contacted Jacque Boney to help us find a good breeder. Jacque researched breeders for us and found a great puppy at an affordable price. Jacque was knowledgeable about the breed and knew just what to look for in a breeder. Our dog is healthy, beautiful, and has a great temperament. We felt it was really important for our large dog to have good manners, especially around our children and neighbors. Jacque has been helping train us to train our dog. We completed about 5 session with Jacque so far and our puppy is turning into a well mannered dog. He is especially great at working with our children on how to train our now 70lb dog. We are so thankful for Jacque’s practical advice on everything from dog food to dog proofing our home. He is always our “go to” person anytime we have questions about our pup. He is reliable and always quick to respond to our questions. He has made adding this four legged member of our family a true delight. We are very thankful for Jacque Boney.

~Gina H.

Layla - Basic Obedience & Fit Canine Daycare

My 1-year-old rescue pup Layla absolutely CANNOT get enough of Allegiance Canine (formally Mid South Primal Canine)!! All of the trainers are fantastic and attentive to each dog's needs and personalities. It is obvious that they really put forth an effort to get to know each and every dog to maximize the quality of the training experience.

I would definitely recommend their "fit canine daycare" program, which my dog attends regularly. She does all sorts of exciting activities in daycare sessions, like walking on the treadmill (which she, for some reason, LOVES), obedience lessons, agility training, and more. When I drop her off at daycare, she is always SO excited to see her trainer friends and is satisfyingly exhausted when I pick her up in the afternoons. It is crucial for a smart, energetic dog like herself to be mentally and physically stimulated, and Allegiance Canine (formally Mid South Primal Canine) never fails to deliver exactly what she needs.

Layla and I also love attending weekly obedience classes where I (as a dog owner) can learn how to reinforce the skills that she learns in daycare so we can practice together at home. They offer varying levels of classes so that you and your dog are in a group with others at a similar level in training.

In the few months that Layla has been in training, her behavior has vastly improved. She has completely transformed from a shy, scared, left-for-dead rescue dog to a brilliant, happy, and well-behaved mama's girl who has learned to trust humans again--much owed to Allegiance Canine (formally Mid South Primal Canine)!!

-Millie W.

Moose - Basic & Advanced Obedience, Boarding, Daycare

Jacque personalizes the training experience to you and your puppy or dog. It is clear he loves all breeds and offers different solutions for how to deal with your specific needs.

For example, Jacque came to my home for a private session to witness my doggie situation with needing Moose off the counters and dropping things. We also worked on how to prevent Moose from pulling and avoid the distractions where I typically walk him. He gave me simple solutions that I integrated into my routine and was very successful.

From fit canine daycare, training classes, private sessions to boarding, Allegiance Canine (formally Mid South Primal Canine) is an affordable one stop shop.

Jacque and his team's talent is dedicated and impressive; knowing whats best for your dog and training you on how to train your dog is their passion.

-Karina H.

Draco - Board & Train, Basic & Advanced Obedience, Daycare

One thing about me is I do research on anything I invest my money in . I called another local trainer and I called jaque . The difference is the other trainer was trying he was sell me something from the beginning , was rude , and half assed answered questions and was rushing me off the phone. I talked to jaque multiple times at length discussing training even before I spent a dime with him. He also recommended other trainers in the city who he thinks were good; who does that. Also he is very accessible , you can call or text him to discuss anything questions you have regarding your dog. I have a busy schedule and he has tried his best to work with me and my dog. For the busy person I recommend the board and train , that's the service I used and my dog was a more obedient, calm and a all around better dog.

-Eric G.